Growth, martech and low-code solutions for tech companies.

We work with Y Combinator startups, unicorns, public companies, and new rockets in stealth mode - Based on your needs, we assign you a dedicated team.

Our Capabilities

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Performance Marketing
  • Writing & Content Strategy
  • Low-Code Solutions & Webflow Development
  • Martech: Architect & Integrate the Marketing Stack
  • Marketing & Business Automation
  • Data Tracking & Analytics
  • Dashboards & Reporting
  • Conversion Rate Optimization
  • Productivity: Design & Manage Internal Workflows
  • Train & Support Marketing Staff
  • Webflow Training

Our Team

  • Entrepreneurs
  • Growth Directors
  • Software Engineers
  • Low-Code Developers & Webflow Experts
  • Data & Events Tracking Specialists
  • Product Designers
  • Content & SEO Managers
  • Writers & Editors


Orlando Osorio

  • As a growth consultant, Orlando has worked with 25+ startups, including unicorns and large tech companies, such as Medium, Robinhood, BetterUp, Reforge, Grove, Rocketplace, Shift, PicsArt, ConsumerAffairs and Swagbucks.
  • Founded some companies (travel, wellness, environmental & consulting)
  • Webflow Developer and promoter of the "No-Code & Low-code" movement
  • Member of Reforge and Demand Curve
  • Interim Chief / Head of Growth for several startups
  • Received Angel Investment from Michael Seibel (fun story!)
  • Participated in three accelerators: MassChallenge, Wayra & Startup Chile
  • Angel investor and Limited Partner at 500 Startups and 0bs
  • Promoter of healthy work cultures & habits (seriously)
  • 8+ years in the tech industry. Before tech: worked at Coca-Cola for 3 years in Strategic Planning, Business Intelligence & Logistics
  • B.S. Product & Services Engineer, focused on Project Management and Entrepreneurship


Alberto Sadde

  • Previously Lead Engineer at Akorda
    • Akorda is a leading AI-powered contract management service for Fortune 100 companies
    • Alberto was in charge of infrastructure, APIs and integrations
  • Research Engineer, Manager and overall "go-getter" at AiFi
    • AiFi provides self-checkout technology for brick-and-mortar retailers worldwide like Walmart and Carrefour
    • Amazon-go competitor
  • Async work advocate: has implemented successful no-meeting policies in multiple teams
  • Angel Investor
  • 10+ years in the tech industry
  • Before startups: dropped out of Oxford Phd., Research Engineer at BAE Systems
    • At Oxford he focused on semantic optimization of functional programs
    • Developed optimization algorithms for submarines

Growth, Product & Marketing Ops Advisor

Ana Alida Abdala

  • 8 years of experience in digital marketing, and 4 years of growing a Mexican startup from 50 employees to unicorn status and over 1,000 collaborators.
  • A transformation from Growth Specialist to Growth Acquisition Director, with a focus on marketing operations and management of comprehensive growth teams involving marketing, product, and technology.
  • Perform performance marketing strategies on platforms like Facebook and Google Ads to generate sales, particularly for B2B companies.
  • Mastery of martech tools and analytics for business decision-making drives testing culture.
  • Over one year's experience managing and owning digital products, focusing on adapting product methodologies to the needs of the designers, developers, and analysts.
  • As a leader, I'm passionate about helping our teams grow and promoting mental health as the basis of my lifestyle.
  • B.S. Industrial Engineer

Core Team

Jetsy Cerrada
Sabrina Peña
Patricia Rodríguez
Dayana Marval
Gabriela Testa
Adriana Méndez
Ana Sofía Gomez
José Armao
Jazmín Romero
Gabriela Gómez
Gabriela Petit
Juan Méndez
Francisco Márquez

We work with venture-backed companies, great teams and ambitious entrepreneurs. Since we've walked in those shoes, we can empathize more with their day-to-day situations and challenges.

How we learn

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